Vin Rouge Fortifié

A Port style wine, this is fortified red wine with French brandy and flavoured with a tinge of maple syrup.

Clear and purple-red in colour, this varietal offers a delicate bouquet of maple and mocha to the nose. This wine have aged at least 5 years before being bottled. Serve it with caramelised maple sugar chocolate crème brûlée or with blue cheese such as Abbey St-Benoît Bleu Bénédictin. A true delight!

Serving temperature : 12°C
Grape varieties
: Frontenac, St-Croix, Maréchal Foch, Prairie Star and St-Pépin
Aging potential : 2 to 10 years
% alcohol : 18 %
Format :  750 ml

Price :
• lot 511A : $22.57 + tax, at our winery only

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